Distance Sales Contract


This contract is on one side Altınova Sinan Mah. 245_1 St. With Antalya Suites, located at Sperta No:1, İç Kapı No:10 Kepez / Antalya, with the phone number +90 850 242 07 99, and on the other hand, making a reservation using the system, accepting the following conditions in advance by entering and confirming all personal information, name and The computer IP number occurred between the customer/user (hereinafter referred to as the customer) whose TR number or passport number is included in the reservation form.


This contract includes the Customer's reservation for the purchase of products / services through the lokasyon within the framework of the conditions explained below. In case of a price increase in the contract price, the difference will not be requested from the consumer, and the discounts called action by the facility will not be refunded to the consumer.

Contract Price And Payment

The contract price includes VAT. The contract price includes all services specified in the reservation. Services not specified and extra products and services to be purchased at the location are subject to separate fees. These extras are paid at the location exit. The customer who purchases a Discounted Product or a Campaign Product is obliged to pay the full service fee at the time of making the reservation. The reservation is not finalized until full payment is made. Customers who make reservations from abroad through www.antalyasuites.com pay for their reservations in foreign currency. Invoices will be issued in foreign currency, equivalent to TL, at the TCM bank's foreign exchange selling rate on the day of departure, after the accommodation has been completed. Confirmation-invoice delivery for reservations made through www.antalyasuites.com is made by the Antalya Suites Reservation department as follows: Instant Reservation Confirmation: The reservation confirmation can be received by the customer by printing it from the computer at the last stage of the system and will also be sent to the e-mail address given by the customer. The invoice can be issued and delivered to the customer after the stay and check-out of the facility. For required refunds, payment will be made to the credit card used for the reservation or to the customer's bank account within 30 days.

Force Majeure

The facility cannot be held responsible for the lack of location service or failure to provide service due to reasons such as natural disasters, social events, international relations, technical malfunctions, strikes and protests that may occur between, at the beginning or before the location reservation dates specified in this agreement.

Other Provisions

This contract is exclusively related to lokasyon reservation and the facility fulfills its contractual obligation by receiving the customer's definitive reservation request and signing this agreement, making the customer's final reservation and providing reservation confirmation. In the event of any problem with the facility, the customer accepts and undertakes that he/she will only contact the accommodation facility operator regarding any changes or deficiencies that may arise in the accommodation. If the customer complains about any situation during the stay or uses the service partially or completely, he/she agrees not to demand any compensation or refund. It is the duty of care of the well-intentioned customer to notify the authorized person in writing about the issues the customer complains about during the performance of the service. If the customer makes a complaint but uses the service to the fullest extent without notifying the facility authorities, this eliminates his/her rights such as substitute service and refund regarding the complaint issues. The customer accepts that he/she has read and signed this contract after obtaining all kinds of information about the lokasyon from the website (www.antalyasuites.com) and by phone. The information provided to him/her will form the basis for complaints arising from the lack of service received at the location and the defective goods. Even if the customer cannot sign this location reservation agreement for any reason, he/she is deemed to have learned the terms of this agreement via the website, advertisements, or e-mail sent to the e-mail address he/she specified, and has accepted the terms of the agreement. If there is a conflict between the copy of the contract remaining with the consumer and the copy remaining at the location, the records of the copy remaining at the location will prevail. All kinds of e-mails and fax messages between the parties will be considered as conclusive evidence and company records will be the basis. The parties accept that the addresses and telephone numbers they provide are the addresses and telephone numbers useful for all kinds of communication and notification, and they accept and declare that unless any change in these addresses and telephone numbers is notified to the other party in writing, all notifications and notices to be made to the declared addresses and telephone numbers will be made to them. Identity and age checks are carried out at the entrance to the facility. If there is a difference due to incorrect or incomplete declarations, it will be collected at the time of entrance to the facility. In case of price increases for the early booking period and/or all periods (except for system-related errors), the difference is not requested from the customer, and there is no refund for the discounts called action by the facility. Antalya Suites can send campaigns and notifications to the e-mail address, postal address and mobile phones provided by the customer. With the signature on this contract, the hostel receives shipping permission from the customer. In case of disputes that may arise between the customer and the lokasyon, the customer has the right to apply to the Consumer Court or the Consumer Arbitration Committee. Before applying here, sending your complaint in writing to Antalya Suites customer service and giving the lokasyon a response time of 14 business days is considered a sign of good faith in resolving disputes.

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