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Places To Visit in Antalya

Unforgettable Luxurios Vacations in Antalya,The city of Nature,History and Tourism: Spend a safe and fun holiday with your children at Antalya Suites 

Antalya, together with Istanbul, is the locomotive of tourism in Turkey. As a city with all-season tourism opportunities and facilities, it is one of the cities where tourists show great interest. In Antalya, especially cultural tourism, sea, sports, health, winter, congress, plateau, cave, camping and faith tourism can be done, and there are facilities for these tourism options.

According to the tourism statistics of 2016, Antalya was the third most visited province in the world. The places where cultural tourism will take place mainly in Antalya are various parts of the coastline. There are Kaleiçi, historical buildings, historical mosques and churches in this region. Sea tourism in Antalya is also carried out along the coastline.

Although Antalya stands out with its summer tourism, it is also one of the country's leading cities in winter tourism. Saklıkent Ski Center in Antalya is the facility that keeps the city ahead in winter tourism.

Antalya, which is a holiday paradise in every aspect, to which thousands of people flock every year, has the most beautiful colors of blue and green. Thanks to its nature, history, nightlife, blue flag beaches, waterfalls and unique hotels, Antalya is the first destination for holidaymakers. Antalya is highly preferred as it responds to all kinds of requests and needs of the guests coming for a holiday.

If you are ready to enjoy the sea, sand and sun to the fullest, we are here to take you to the most beautiful beaches of Antalya.

Lara Beach:

Lara Beach, located in the center of Antalya, stands out as one of the favorite beaches of every period. Also known as Altinkum beach due to the color of its sand, the beach has a 200-meter-long and 50-meter-wide coastline. Lara public beach, which is the most famous beach of Antalya, has a blue flag sea and is appreciated by its guests with its clean sea and fine sandy coastline. You can see tent camps on the long and sandy beach as far as the eye can see. As you swim deeper from the shore, you can see the seabed more clearly and swim with the fish. Thanks to the fact that the water does not deepen immediately, it is a good alternative for families with children and those who do not know how to swim. While the entrance to the beach is free, you have to pay a certain fee for sun loungers and umbrellas.While there is a buffet on the beach where you can meet your needs, you can take your needs with you and have a picnic in the picnic area. You can enjoy the sea and the sun all day long, and spend a full day walking along the beach. Antalyasuites flats are very close to Lara beaches.

Konyaaltı Beach

Konyaaltı public beach, which is described as one of the few beaches in the world, is one of the most beautiful beaches in our country. Consisting of a combination of several beaches in a row, this huge beach has a blue flag sea. The coastline and the bottom of the sea consist of fine pebbles and sand. Thanks to its 7-kilometer beach length, it is among the longest beaches in Turkey. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach where you can enter free of charge. You can enjoy the sea and the sun, you can take long walks and enjoy the coastline with your bike.

Thanks to it's cafes, bars and parks on the coastline, Konyaaltı public beach is worth seeing. We think it is the right address for those who do not like the noise of the city and the crowded beach concept. We rekommend you to spend a day at this beach, which is described as the pearl of Antalya.

Düden Waterfall:

Düden Waterfall, which hosts an average of 3 million domestic and foreign tourists a year, is definitely a place that should be visited in our country. the reasons why  it attracts so many visitors can be listed as its natural beauty as well as its close location to the center of Antalya and easy transportation.

When you are in such a unique natural beauty, we rekommend you not to forget to immortalize your memories by taking lots of photos, to take a souvenir photo by riding the camels at the entrance of the waterfall and to take walks in the areas surrounding the waterfall.

Another natural beauty that impresses visitors is the cave that stretches behind it. The giant cavities formed in the cave act as a window. Watching the waterfall flowing through these hollows is a unique experience for visitors.

In some sources, it is also referred to as the Iskender Waterfall, as it is said that Alexander the Great gave water to his horses from this waterfall while he was passing through the region. There are also people who call it Düdenbaşı Waterfall.

You can easily get help from the AntalyaSuites team for the tours you want to take to the Düden Waterfall.


Kaleiçi, which has witnessed history since ancient times, is the heart of Antalya. The region,which has been the joint work of all civilizations that have lived for more than two thousand years and is used as a modern marina today, takes its visitors on a unique journey independent of time and space by drangging them into an authentic and historical atmosphere.

AntalyaSuites houses are in a central location and it is very easy to reach Kaleiçi. You can experience a wonderful entertainment experience in the historical streets of Kaleiçi.

The best way to discover Kaleiçi, an open-air museum that reveals the deep-rooted history of Antalya and is alive at all times of the year, is to get lost in its narrow, winding and mysterious streets that resemble a maze that connects to each other. While taking a pleasant walk between the historical walls, you will witness many archaeological, cultural and' natural beauties such as Hadrian's Gate, Clock Tower, Yacht Harbor, Yivli Minaret, Hıdırlık Tower, Karatay Madrasa, Mermerli Beach, encounter sings that will surprise you every time, and see delicious sings in almost every corner. You will never forget the unique moments you spent witnessing history in Kaleiçi, where you will come across scenic views.

You will have the opportunity to experience the unique nature and history of the tourism paradise Antalya in the houses offered by AntalyaSuites. You will have a wonderful holiday thanks to its proximity to the beaches in central locations. You will also have a lively nightlife and fun-filled experience in Antalya's unique venues during your stay at Antalya Suites.

We are excited to host our quests in AntalyaSuites homes to give you wonderful Antalya experience.

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